Benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Keeps your car looking new and shiny.

Retains your car’s resale value.

Makes car cleaning easier.

Repels environmental damage.

Provides scratch and chemical protection.

Invisible protection for your car.

Auto Self-Healing



8.5 mil (thickness)

Which Paint Protection Film is right for me?

All Paint Protection Film products. Choose high gloss or matte finish with your preferred level of durability.

Most common questions

Can I wax over any Paint Protection Film?
Some waxes will add a level of gloss to PPFMatte. However, there are waxes on the market specifically for matte finishes. Waxing is still recommended for added protection.

Can I take my car through a pressure wash with Paint Protection Film?
Hand washing is preferred, you can use a pressure wash, but be careful near edges.

Can coatings be applied to Paint Protection Film?
Ceramic coatings are approved for use with our Paint Protection Films when applied over the surface of the product. Ceramic coatings create an additional barrier for solvent and water penetration while not negatively impacting the performance or self-healing of our Paint Protection Film.