Stoner Bead Max Premium Auto Wax


  • Stoner takes water-beading to the max
  • Bead Max is an advanced formula auto wax that provides maximum surface
  • One step quick wax 1 can
  • Prevent water spots and speed up drying time
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Stoner Car Care Pro 91384 Bead Max Auto Wax – 15-Ounce contains a mixture of synthetic polymers, and natural waxes to achieve the best-looking, longest-lasting shine possible. When your vehicle has a beautiful coat of Bead Max on it, donÕt worry about environmental contamination or water spots. The chemicals within each polymer lubricate water molecules, causing them to slide off almost instantly UV rays are also equally harmless against a surface treated with Bead Max. How does Stoner do it? Bead Max establishes a strong chemical bond through the use of synthetic micropolymers that become even stronger when they are allowed to dry. Simply apply by spraying in a horizontal sweeping motion to any non porous surface. Spread the foam out over a section and allow it to dry to a haze. Buff with a soft, clean microfiber towel. Even glass and chrome can benefit from Bead Max This product contains no abrasives or solvents that might damage finer finishes. To ensure effective product delivery, Stoner Bead Max Premium Wax comes equipped with AeroGuard technology. This proven application method maintains the product purity and ensures consistent, trouble-free application. Stoner Bead Max will create a water-repellant, high gloss finish on your entire vehicle that resists water-spotting and etching.

Net Weight 15 oz. (425g)

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