Stoner Speed Bead One Step Quick Wax


You won’t find a faster or easier way to make painted surfaces look their best than SpeedBead.  This innovative aerosol performs three critical functions necessary to maintain and enhance your vehicle.  It cleans, shines, and protects clear coat, lacquer, acrylic, and enamel finishes – all in one step!

Gentle cleaners in SpeedBead loosen and remove bug splats, sap, road grease, exhaust film, and oily road grime.  They even remove minor surface scratches and water spots.  SpeedBead’s multi-functional waxes produce a high-gloss shine, fill surface voids, and hide tiny blemishes.

Synthetic polymers in SpeedBead chemically bond to the surface, providing a durable protective layer and high water beading.  SpeedBead is easy to apply – just spray it on, gently massage surface, and effortlessly wipe it off.

Net Weight 15 oz. (425g)

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Weight 22 oz