Stoner Xenit Natural Citrus Cleaner & Remover


Hundreds of Uses In Your Home, Office, Garage, or Business.

XENIT is such an amazing cleaner, you’ll probably find yourself using it everywhere you live, work, and play. XENIT quickly removes labels, decals, and adhesives from glass, wood, vinyl, and metals. If you have children, you’ll love how XENIT miraculously removes chewing gum from carpet and upholstery. XENIT easily cleans permanent marker, crayon and lipstick from walls, woodwork, and countertops. It even removes dried latex paint if accidentally dripped on carpet, flooring, or furniture. You’ll be surprised at how well XENIT removes shoescuffs and heel marks from vinyl and wood flooring and greasy dirt from fabrics and upholstery. So, next time you have a sticky, grimy mess, don’t worry. Simply Clean it with XENIT!

Unique Cleaning Power.

XENIT’s Proprietary Formulation does NOT contain soap OR water. You’ll be amazed how quickly and easily XENIT lets you remove the stuff that soap and water can’t clean. XENIT contains more than five high performance ingredients such as Citrus 66, an all natural, highly refined extract of citrus fruit.

Unlike most water-based cleaning agents that are designed to lift and carry dirt, XENIT is specially formulated to break down the complex molecules found in sticky materials. This unique MicroActive cleaning action gives XENIT unequaled abilities to loosen and dissolve difficult grime like tar, grease, gum — even adhesives.

When you Clean it with XENIT, you’ll save yourself hours of agony trying to remove sticky stuff with standard duty cleaners, and you’ll avoid wasted time spent laboring with inferior water-based products.

Dries Completely, Leaves No Residue, Disinfects, Smells Great.

XENIT is formulated to evaporate and dry completely, leaving behind no sticky residues or streaky soaps. It even contains a disinfectant to help kill germs and eliminate odors. Plus, with XENIT, you get a pleasant orange scent and no nasty solvent smell. Whether you use XENIT at home or at work, your family, friends, and customers will be happy with the quick results and the friendly citrus odor.

Here’s How to Make Easy Work of Sticky Dirt: Clean it with XENIT.

Even though XENIT’s powerful, grime-cutting ingredients work quickly, they are harmless to most surfaces and materials when used as directed. In most applications, a little XENIT applied to a clean cloth or rag will work fine. For most cleaning challenges, always start with the most gentle solution first — such as soap and water. Then, if necessary, proceed to more powerful cleaning solutions like XENIT.

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