Interior Repair Specialists

Has your car or truck’s upholstery and carpet seen better days? Have a leased vehicle to return or thinking of selling your vehicle but the interior has damage? We can repair damage to your vehicle’s interior and restore it’s previous beauty! Our leather, vinyl, plastic repairs will leave cigarette burns, rips, tears and cracks a thing of the past. Let’s patch up those eye soars and blend them to match the original color of your upholstery. If you’re having headliner, floor board, fabric or panel issues we can help. Full interior panel, upholstery and carpet replacement will fit the bill. Feeling like your vehicle needs a spruce up or even a complete change? Not a problem! Full leather, vinyl and plastic painting available. Completely revamp your interior with our custom color options and give your ride a personalized touch. Schedule a no non-sense evaluation of repairs to increase the sale and trade-in value of your vehicle or make sure your lease return goes smoothly saving you thousands in dealer repair costs at the end of your lease. Repair your interior with us and fall in love with your vehicle all over again.